Goals for a brighter's moo-sic to our ears!
Introduced in 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets represent a comprehensive and ambitious global agenda aimed at addressing pressing challenges and fostering a more sustainable future for all. The UN designed these goals to be integrated, meaning that accomplishments in one area will affect the progress of others. 

The SDGs are a shared blueprint for international cooperation, encouraging nations, organizations, and individuals to collaborate in achieving these objectives by 2030. The agenda underscores the interconnectedness of global challenges and highlights the need for collective efforts to build a world that is inclusive, resilient, and environmentally responsible. 

At Acceligen, we see it as our social responsibility to use our innovative technologies to directly affect the outcomes of the goals listed below.   Contact us for more information.



Goals to transform the world for persons with disabilities.

Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World