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As pioneers in Precision Breeding, a proven technology addressing enduring challenges in animal health, we collaborate with farmers and ranchers worldwide. Our mission is to empower them in providing safe, abundant food by cultivating healthier animals through sustainable practices. As part of a team of experts dedicated to resolving global food security concerns, we recognize the urgency posed by rising populations, diminishing cropland, and shifting climates. Through our technology, we aspire to enhance global consumers' access to the meat and dairy products they cherish while enabling farmers to raise animals with reduced natural resource consumption.


Our Expertise

At Acceligen, our commitment extends beyond the welfare of animals, essential contributors to global sustenance. Leveraging gene editing technology, our proficiency in precisely imparting traits opens novel avenues for animal breeders to accelerate genetic enhancement. The introduction of distinctive and valuable genetics allows us to significantly reduce the development cycles associated with traditional selective breeding methods. Our endeavors have been extensively documented in over 300 peer-reviewed publications and have garnered widespread coverage in both scientific and consumer media outlets.


Our Technology

Acceligen is at the forefront of advancing Precision Breeding, utilizing the latest breakthroughs in animal genetics. Our focus is on developing, testing, and delivering the safest and most precise solutions to enhance the health and well-being of food animals. Precision Breeding tools, such as CRISPR/Cas9 and TALENS, are extensively employed by scientists globally in both public and private institutions dedicated to advancing human and animal health, agriculture, energy, and environmental sciences. Recognized for our dedication, we have secured numerous competitive grants from various agencies, including the USDA, to address longstanding challenges in current agricultural practices.

Our team

The Acceligen team is comprised of distinguished animal geneticists, scientists, business professionals, ranchers, farmers, partners, consumers, academics, public policymakers, collaborators, specialized staff, and advisors from diverse backgrounds. Each member contributes their perspective to ensure the efficient & ethical deployment of our technologies.
Tad Sonstegard, Ph.D.
Chief Executive & Scientific Officer
Sabreena Larson. M.S.
Chief Operations Officer
Daniel Pomp
Chairman Of The Board
Peter Hajas
Board of Directors
Dr. Anna Campbell
Board of Directors
Rocco Morelli
Board of Directors
Ronan Loftus
Board of Directors
Board of Directors

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