About Us

At Acceligen, we care about the health and well-being of the animals that provide sustenance to the world. We're a leader in precision breeding, a proven technology that addresses long-standing challenges in animal health and caretaking. Our team is working with farmers and ranchers worldwide to help them provide safe, abundant food by raising healthier animals in a more sustainable manner. We're part of a team of experts pursuing solutions to global food security, an urgent issue as populations rise, cropland shrinks, and the climate changes. We envision that with our technology, global consumers will have better access to the meat and dairy products they enjoy, and farmers will be able to raise fewer animals using less natural resources.


Our Expertise

Our ability to precisely deliver traits based on gene editing technology provides animal breeders new opportunities to accelerate genetic improvement. By introducing unique and valuable genetics, we can dramatically shorten the development cycles typical of conventional selective breeding. Our work has been documented in over 300 peer-reviewed publications and written been covered many times by both scientific and consumer media outlets.



Our Technology

We're innovating Precision Breeding using the latest advances in animal genetics science to develop, test and deliver the safest and most precise solutions to better food animal health and well-being. The tools of Precision Breeding, including CRISPR/Cas9 and TALENS, are widely used by scientists around the world working in public and private institutions focused on improving human and animal health, agriculture, energy, and environmental sciences. More than 20,000 peer-reviewed publications are describing how these tools work and their efficacy. We've received numerous competitive grants from different agencies within the USDA and others to pursue answers to problems that have long challenged current agricultural practices. 

Our team

The Acceligen team includes renown animal geneticists, scientists, business experts, ranchers, farmers, partners, consumers, academics, public policymakers, collaborators, specialized staff and advisors from many backgrounds who weigh-in on the ethical deployment of our technologies.
Tad Sonstegard, Ph.D.
Chief Executive & Scientific Officer
Sabreena Larson. M.S.
Chief Operations Officer
Daniel Pomp
Chairman Of The Board
Peter Hajas
Board of Directors
Dr. Anna Campbell
Board of Directors
Rocco Morelli
Board of Directors
Ronan Loftus
Board of Directors
Bill Ferrell
Board of Directors

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