pipeline Traits

Naturally cool

Naturally cool or “SLICK” is a trait that allows high performance animals to meet their genetic potential in tropical production systems. 

The result is more sustainable production through a reduction in heat stress related maladies which include but are not limited to: increased body temperature and respiration (panting), reduced milk production and impaired rumen balance/function.
The adaptation of elite production animals allows for reduction in animal numbers; thus, reducing GHG (Green House Gas) emissions and competition for land and water resources. 

Acceligen has already harnessed this trait for commercialization in genetics that produces high quality beef and is moving this naturally occurring trait into elite dairy breeds as well. This trait has been pre-approved as non-GMO by CONAIBA in Argentina.


BTBr is a trait being developed to combat Mycobacterium bovis infection, the pathogen that causes bovine tuberculosis (BTB). 

Bovine Tuberculosis is a significant zoonotic threat to animal and human health and a major challenge to sustainable beef and dairy farming, especially among small-holder farmers in low-middle income countries.

Castration Free

Castration Free is a trait being developed for the pork industry as an alternative to surgical and chemical castration. 

This trait improves the male piglet's well-being while maintaining pork quality. Characterization of this trait is supported by the project “Stolen Kiss – an advanced breeding solution for the animal welfare trait of genetic castration” funded by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s Program for Accelerating Advances in Animal Welfare.

Monosexing & Sterility

Monosexing & Sterility is a trait being developed for the aquaculture industry to improve sustainable production of farmed fish like salmon and tilapia. 

This trait reduces time to market and feed efficiency without hormone disruption of the fish and their environment. 

This trait also protects proprietary genetics and stops gene flow to wild catch populations.
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Sabreena Larson, M.S.

Director of Commercial Operations, Acceligen